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Inkjet Dyes

Alliance Organics manufactures Allojet Dyes and Special Grade of Dyes, which are highly purified Our Inkjet Dyes are produced with special technology and are used to produce Water Based Inkjet Inks and Inks for Digital Textile Printing.

Dyes for Water Based Inkjet Inks

These highly saturated, water soluble dyes possess a very low salt content and refract only a little amount of light.

Essential Features

  • Very low salt content (e.g. Chloride, Sulfate, Calcium and Iron all below 50 ppm based on 100% dye).
  • Excellent light fastness.
  • High purity.
  • High surface tension.
  • Excellent tinctorial strength
  • Brilliant and vibrant colors
Our chief products are:
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black
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