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Inorganic Pigments

Alliance Organics LLP offers a broad and innovative product range of inorganic pigments, acknowledged for its expertise in technical services and application.

Inorganic Pigments are sub classified into the following categories:

Chromes : Chromes are prepared by reaction with Sodium Bi-Chromate, Lead Nitrate called Lead Chromate.

Anticorrosive Pigments : Anticorrosive Pigments contains Zinc Chromate, Zinc Tetroxy Chromate, Zinc Phosphate.

These naturally occurring pigments can withstand the impact and exposure of chemicals, and are capable of producing the desired effects.

C.I. Generic Name C.I. Number CAS Number Family EINECS No.
Mass (5 %) Tint 1:10 ratio
Lemon Chrome 77600-77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Middle Chrome 77600-77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Prime Rose Chrome 77603 1344-37-2 Chrome Yellow 215-693-7
Scarlet Chrome 77605 12656-85-8 Molybdenum Orange 235-759-9
Pigment Blue 29 77007 57455-37-5 Ultra marine blue 309-928-3
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