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ALLOSTROZAL range of dyes which provide dyes for soap, colorants for soap, dyes for detergent, colorants for detergent, Car washing Soap, Laundry Soap Industries and are available in various colors. We have various products in powder and liquid form which are available in water soluble and oil soluble grades. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of dyes and dyes and dyestuff and also provide of dyes for soap, colorants for soap, dyes for detergent, colorants for detergent

  Opaque Toilet Soaps Transparent Toilet Soaps Shampoos, Shower Gels Creams & Lotions Toothpastes & Gels Mouth Washes Makeup, Lipsticks
Allostrazol Water Soluble {WS} Range
Allostrazol Yellow FL
Allostrazol Yellow AR
Allostrazol Yellow JR
Allostrazol Yellow QY
Allostrazol Orange ||
Allostrazol Red 2G
Allostrazol Red 2R
Allostrazol Red 3R
Allostrazol Red B
Allostrazol Voilet AV
Allostrazol Green AL
Allostrazol Blue BB
Allostrazol Blue AS
Allostrazol Oil Soluble {OS} Range
Allostrazol Yellow GL
Allostrazol Orange AR
Allostrazol Bright Red RG
Allostrazol Deep Red RB
Allostrazol Marine RX
Allostrazol Deep Black R
Allostrazol P - Oil Soluble {P-OS} Range
Allostrazol Green PGR
Allostrazol Blue UB-08
Allostrazol Blue UB-09
Allostrazol Blue FB
Allostrazol Blue GG
Allostrazol PD - Water Soluble {PD-WS} Range
Allostrazol Yellow RL
Allostrazol Yellow FRN
Allostrazol Red FL
Allostrazol Voilet FFR
Allostrazol Green FB
Allostrazol Blue FFG
Allostrazol Blue FG
Allostrazol Black FBR
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